What Magazines do you subscribe to?

Joined Jan 7, 2003
I been slacking on my magazine game so I need some suggestions. Back in the 90s and and 2000s, my moms subscribed to damn near everything. Vibe, Essence,Ebony, The Source, etc. I was getting Blender a few years back but I never renewed the subsriction. I know NT is very knowledgable on this front so I need allthe help I can get. Im looking to get XXL, Vibe, ESPN, Complex, etc. (Or, any other noteworthy mags for some reasonable prices) If anyone knows some good dealsout there, let me know. Thanks!
Joined Mar 19, 2008
complex...I haven't read it in months tho. Just throw them in the drawer when they come in.
Joined Jul 6, 2008
guitar world

i got the free subscription to dime but i havent received an issue in like 2 months. last one i got it was all ripped up and it didnt even come in a plasticbag
Joined Jun 16, 2008
Recently I just started getting issues of SI for no reason. I'm not even a subscriber. First issue I got was the one when the Tar Heels won the nationalchampionship....

I was like "someone knows that I'm a Tar Heel fan"....

W/E. No complaints here.

Oh and Game Informer.
I hate Game Informer.
Joined Oct 2, 2006
I don't really pay for any.

SLAM (free thanks to slickdeals)
Sports Illustrated

Those other 3 I get because I don't do anything with my airline miles I guess.

And I know I'm not the only one who likes to flip through the catalogs I get like Eastbay, Eurosport, J. Crew, etc. when I'm dropping a deuce
Joined Dec 24, 2007
I used to be signed up to FHM but they stopped doing it. I guess they're doing it again tho?

Gamepro back in the days..

only eastbay and Complex right now.
Joined Aug 8, 2007
I am a huge magazine guy. I have vintage SI, Slam, and GQ from years back.

I currently subscribe to Complex, Nylon for men, as well as GQ.
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