What shoes are these? What's the newest version? [PICS]

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Alright NT here's the deal...I bought these Huaraches about a year ago to ball in and I love them.  I since have moved out of the USA, and will be returning for a weekend and would like to buy a new pair.

Does anyone have more info on the name of these?  Has Nike released a newer (I'm assuming better) version?  I'll probably have them shipped off Eastbay to my friend's house.

Thanks in advance, and yes they are beat as hell
Joined Dec 19, 2004
Huarache 09....some of my local finishlines still have them for $60.
I scooped up a pair to ball in and they are comfy as anything
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Like jkballer5 said their the huarache 09's.

Their are a newer version called huarache 2010.
they should be at you local finishline.
retail is $110 if in not mistaken.
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Originally Posted by BALLINaintEASY

very good shoes to ball in....just sayin

QFT. The Huaraches are one of the most reliable lines as far balling goes on the market today. Every version has been on point.
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