What should be da Next color of da Penny Foamposite one? Vol. let's help Nike NOT _____ dis shoe up

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they getting popular and i can already see nike try to "bo jackson" these buy just dropping ridiclously ugly and non context colors to da pennys which should NEVER

happen on a player signature shoe...so let's give em a hand....

im going for this...another orlando colorway, solid royal blue outsole so you don't gotta worry about yellowing like da black and reds,

black sheen foamposite upper (makes em look good & keeps da matte black ones special), and da SAME color logo like on da original black and neon royal

pair and it coincides with penny's history....
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I like the Foamposite 1 Space Jams that some ps'd. They were nice. There could be a lil concept there. They could put it in a pack with the Penny's MJ wore when he came back. I really need those Penny's. They could call it The Let Me Borrow These Pack. Just an idea.

putting in work

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Nah I'd rather the soles be translucent like how the blk/reds and cactus samples...

I don't like that solid sole for the Foam One's...

Or that same colorway with a deep icy blue clear sole...
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Gotta agree with Will on this one, solid soles are a no go on foam ones
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Glossy Black with Solid Royal Sole Like Ninja Said...
Glossy Black With Clear Royal Sole...
Glossy Black with Clear Sole and Royal Check...
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Id cop/rock the pair Ninjahood posted...even the same colorway, but with some orange accents like a Knicks colorway.

I also agree with Ninjahood...a solid sole is good for foams...the only set back on icey soled foams is yellowing, other than that they're basically indestructible.
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Black and red & cactus penny foamposites are indestructible, I need that for

My next colorway, I NEED that durability...we can all compromise and have

A translucent sole, but its gotta be tinted like da penny II's, or else its gotta be

A solid royal blue rubber bottom.


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Originally Posted by purplehazen

the space jam foams pete did were crazy, i would definetly get a pair.. these would cause a riot

What I had in mind, just not with a space jam nick name, especially since they are magic colors, they could've easy been worn by Penny on the floor.

Id prefer them just being orlando foam ones, no JB association.
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Pete's PS is fine, needs more tint though....zoom flight 96, penny II, sharkley bottom.

Another one would HAVE to be da infamous white penny foamposite PE...as is or

wit orange hightlights ala knicks.
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any metallic "shine" color is a true WIN. green, red, orange, gold, silver, black, yellow.

how they release them will be key.. two a year tops.. keep people hungry

some stuff I did (excuse the BP watermark. these PSs were done months if not years back)

its not hard to make your money Nike.

Ja's 2¢

formerly vcshoxj6
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did these years ago. Called them the Vaders.

Black=Vader's Color

Black/Red Accents including the sole, vader patch, etc.
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