What should I bring on my trip?

Apr 20, 2005
Kumusta ka

My name is Mikey. I'm going to the Philippines on Friday and staying for a month. This is the first time I've been since I was 7.

My question is: What should I bring? I want to be prepared to travel all over the islands. What kinds of clothes? What shoes? What is the weather like? Any travel advice or tips? Anything you recommend me seeing or doing? Doesn't necessarily have to be related to shoes, I'm more interested in embracing the culture and the people. I can't wait to be over there with all of you. Maraming salamat.

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Wear shorts and cotton Ts. It's very hot here.

Try not to stand out.

Be careful when using your cellphone in public places.

If you're a party animal and would like to visit the beach, Boracay is the best place to be. If you're the laid back type, visit Palawan or Bohol.

Always bring OFF lotion to drive away those deadly mosquitoes.

When changing money, never go to a money changer even if they offer the highest exchange rates. SM's Banco de Oro offers the best rates among the local banks and you're guaranteed that you will get every peso you exchanged for.

Best budget airfares


To know more what's happening in the city.


WOW! Philippines

www.tourism.gov.ph/Yahoo and AOL IM: kingcrux31My eBay. Wowowee! NikeTalk's Rules of ConductWelcome to NikeTalk PhilippinesPhilippines Sneaker Guide
plenty of shorts & tees
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dangg....king pretty much wrote most of it down... way to give other people a chance hahaha, most people there wear flipflops...so sandals of any type is alright, it gets pretty hot there, so light clothes are the best, as for places to see it depends on what youre interested in, when im there i usually dont look for shoes, i have family there so to me i like to keep low and hang with them...unless im out in the city with other people
I'll prolly only bring one rolex. But I don't think that my phone will work outside of the US. My service is Cingular which uses SIM cards in their phones to register the account. Are there any kind of world phones that I could buy there that would allow me to use my Cingular account while I'm there?

Another thing I wanted to know is what about the electricity outlets? Should I wait to buy a power converter there? Or should I look for something now in the states? Which one do I need? And is there wireless internet in the city?
what do you mean electricity?
we are using 230 volts here..
yes,there is a wireless internet in the city (makati,manila,etc) but it depends if there is a signal..
I know I can't just plug in my electronics from the states into the walls over there. I believe I have to get a power converter in order for me to connect them. Is it cheaper to buy a converter over there?
yeah you need a power converter or transformer back in the PI. voltage is 220. i don't know about rolex or a pda in public, too much attention...unless you want it to be taken away from you. snatchers can easily differentiate a local from a balikbayan.

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Never take a damn taxi UNLESS you're with your relative.

Think of the Philippines as a hostile environment. lol
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buy the converter at radio shack before ya go your better off trust me the ones they sell at the Mega mall are cheap plastic type that can melt your electronic appliance and what not but not the converter itself (go figure?)
go get some "terry cloth towel" !!! coz its really damn hot!
Thats why we dont feed the dog with people food...
Side question:

Do you guys get any NFL or NBA games over there? If so any specific teams or just whatever is showing?

Yes we get both NFL and NBA games, whichever is in season. Plus it depends on what cable company you are subscribed to.

If you're staying in a nice hotel, there's no problem with that. :D
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and blunts.

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hats, white tees, and nothing valuable.

you can get your phone unlocked for like 600 pesos and just buy minutes pre-paid.
By the way, I have this for sale...
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where you gonna be staying? maybe we can give you a better idea of where to go and what to see in that particular area
I'ma be there too next month..gonna be staying for like 2 months or something :pimp:
can't wait.
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yeah, make sure you bring a GSM cellphone...so borrow somebody's old tmobile or cingular phone. go to any mall, get it unlocked in any mall, buy a sim card...and then you can call and txt your friends (in phil and US) much cheaper.
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