what should i get?

Aug 8, 2006
im currently bidding on two shoes on ebay right now and winning both...they are lbj 2s and AJ 13s....how are aj 13s for balling? i imagine there real good but ive never played in them...

right now the jordans are 62 bucks with like 12 hours left...i bet the price will go up, but im winning them so far

and the lebron 2s are at 51 bucks with like 3-4 days left

which should i get if i win?
go for the Lebrons, while the Jordan XIII is good, it cannot really compare to the technological advancement Nike and Jordan has made for the past few years. is the XIII that u bidding on an OG or a retro, because for the OG the zoom air is still not perfect like it is today.

Get the LBJ II, unless the XIII are OG and in a nice colorway that u like so u can wear for casual. but for ball get the LBJ II
XIII if yah wanna look good but lebrons if ur gonna ball fasho
I am the Beast... i dont even talk i let the visa speak. and i like my sprite easter pink
Get ya own sense but the 13 look betta if u going for balling the lebron but u slow jordans don't got for 62 bucks real so make sure you not bidding on fake kicks
i won the 13s..there retros...dark denim blue ones...62 bucks...i think there real because my last pair of shoes i got were the air max 360s and i got them from the same seller that sold me these and the 360s are real and also the seller has the shoes pictured with the real box and it says the samething as the jordan 13 box...

i dont know if im gonna wear them to ball in or casual....ill probally try them out for balling, then myabe where them for casual...
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