~~~~~What Sig shoe has JB ruined the most?~~~~~

Mar 15, 2005
........with an outrageous colorway?

I'm not asking for your opinion on my choice... ( I want to know your opinion... So, if you like the orange/navy/peapod's I don't care.

For me... So far, the ugliest shoe I've ever seen...


1st overall


second place (clown shoes)


Third place (tackiest shoe ever)


This thread is stupid

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i liked the dtrt 3's, IMO. the other two....not so much. especially not the first one.
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8s IMO the 5s were OK
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Ummm interesting question. I'd have to say the low 11s (White/Green/Yellow). The second place is those orange 8s, and my third place goes to 1s ( Red/Blue/White).
I never really liked the Mocha III's or the Pures. My reasoning is the opposite however, these colorways were so lackluster and bland (to me) that they ruined the great features that the III's have.
lmao funny I live my DTRT III and LOVE MY LAZER V

But whatever rock your boat ... I dont like anything pass XIV and cant stand those already posted XI lows ....
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lol at everyone saying if they like the VIIIs or not when he said not to.

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lightning 4's
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I know I am going to get killed for this one. I think its the IV toooo many releases of a great shoe. :D

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any shoe that doesnt have purple . carolina blue or a colorway mj wore

all the newbies and hypebeast should go to sole heads
JB almost ruined my love for the Jordan 1. Everytime I see 1's now, I think of these.
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I have to say they killed the 4's. What were they thinking coming up with the thuder and lighting colorways. :smh:
i love the 8's the peapod are my 4th favorite jordan 8 that pic make them look ugly jordan 8s are my favorite jordan ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
man I love the VIII peapod's, they look so nice and I will try to get a pair.... but I think the J's that have been ruined for me are the XIV and X's.... to begin; they weren't very strong in style or in desire, and to produce so many of them in different styles was the beginning of the end for Jordan brands prestige status I think those retro releases stayed on the shelves for more than a year
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i like the DTRT IIIs, but the laser Vs have way too much going on within the shoe, the VIIIs in that colorway are ugly
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really to me i hated the 11 lows azure and i hated the military blue 4's and the worst are the navy and orange 8 by far the aqua deserve the ls title
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