what the?...Is this real life?

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She is spot on when she say girls should stop nagging. Seriously, it goes nowhere... In my past relationships; I just get fed up and don't want to deal with it. It also makes the girl seem clingy. I rather eat a home cook meal then to receive an anniversary gift and there is never a bad timing when it comes to getting top offd.
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Even with the lack of eloquence and the primary suggestion of daily fellatio (for which some girls may not feel inclined to).
She's got a point though. Just be yourself, learn about your partner and take care of him/her instead of frivolously wasting energy complaining about irrelevant stuff.
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Oh yeah this chick has a point a man is going to be a man - let him f**k other fems it doesnt matter, they are coming back to you with some type of STD.

Oh no he is not going to +!$@ you over just because you let him do whatever he wants - he is going to +!$@ everyone else because you are letting him do whatever he wants.

This chick is a ******!
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