what to do about order from the freshnes.com

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Basically I ordered 150 dollars worth of stuff at the beginning of this month...now its is the 24th and I have not gotten one email or anything from them. I emailed them 2 times though....no response. Anyone know anyone with that company??? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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I actually do and ill call them for just 20$ paypal ill find out asap if it shipped or not if not ill find out when let me no
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email tfcustomerservice@gmail.com. ill take care of you.. I just got hired and Im the one catching them up with all the orders they're behind. Most customers should have received at least a tracking number, but i also noticed a crap load of orders from the beginning of july (before i was on the team) where for some reason archived, by accident or whatever, but unfortunately i didn't get to those.. im gonna try and get all those past orders caught up. Please trust i am working hard at getting them caught up.
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