What to do in Boston for a weekend?

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Thinkinf of taking a Friday-Sunday roadtrip to Boston in July. Gonna go to a Yankee game on Friday night at Fenway. Other than that looking for the night life and good areas to stay in for the younger 20s crowd. We've heard good things about the Sam Adams brewery for daytime drinking on Saturday, is that close to Fenway? If anyone could help out with neighborhoods to look for hotels in, bar names, and even recommended hotels I would be grateful.


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Just was out there.

North Boston was dirty as ****

Food was :pimp: doe
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just dont try to get a burger at bgood joint was mad overrated.. but definitely check out bodega and eat at cheers just for the experience
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Was there on business last year for a week.
You have the Sox Game taken care of. You definitely want to have clam chowder in at least two different places while you're there.
Atlantic Fish Company had a very good steak and lobster tail, plus their clam chowder was amazing.

Prudential Center Plaza is my goto for shopping in Boston.

I don't know about the nightlife, but Boston has one of the best public transit systems in the country.

You can either take the train or cabs to anywhere in the city fairly quickly.
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For us it's only a 4 hour drive and we only have a weekend. Just looking to see the east coast in between larger vacations that require flying. My good friend is moving to DC soon so Ill make my trip down there eventually. If we had 3 nights it would've been Toronto. Definitely want to see Fenway, sure the food will be different, and I'll enjoy the Irish culture it has.
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hit me when you're in DC. 

i'm a nightlife promoter and i'll take care of you guys, if you're into that kind of stuff.
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You looking for nightlife the spots I usually hit up are Whiskey Saigon, Royale, Storyville, and Hong Kong.

As for bars... I normally hit up The Harp after Celtics game. Located right next to the North Station T stop. Tavern in the Sq in Allston is aight. White Horse tavern a bit down the street. This joint called Pour House on Boylston street is a chill spot. 21st amendment in Beacon Hill has a bit of an older crowd so idk.

Back Bay/newbury street more specifically for shopping.

North end for some bomb Italian food. Mike pastrys is well known for cannolis but I recommend Modern Pastrys a lil bit down the street.

Dorchester for some good Viet food.

Chinatown pretty much the only place that got joints open until like 4 am to eat.

For sure hit up this place called Bon Chon chicken on Brighton Ave in Allston.

Faneuil Hall is a touristy spot.

Esplanade and Piers Park in Eastie (east Boston) are dope spots to sight see.

If you wanna go a lil bit outside Boston, Davis square in Somerville and Harvard Sq in Cambridge are nice little college areas. Allston too.

Enjoy your time
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Had a great time. Went to some place Langstons after the game Friday. Went into it with one of my friends away from our group bc they didn't wanna wait online. So towards the end my phone dies. He goes outside for a cig and gets kicked out bc they say he is too drunk. So I don't go outside right away bc talking to some girls. So eventually I figure out Im all alone with no phone. I try to get in a cab outside fenway and they try to get me $60 for a $20 ride. So I say **** that Id rather try my chances elsewhere. Keep in mind Im in an arod shirt so people arent really gonna go out of the way to help me. So I meet these kids around my age and they say I can sleep at their place in Brighton if I burn the shirt. So it's a no brainer and I do it. I was sketched out bc I figured there would be cops around the stadium but I saw none the whole trip so it was fine. So they call an uber we go back there. They got a bed for me, Beers, and I charge my phone up. So Im chilling for like a half hr then realize this girl from earlier in the night it telling me to come over. She sends the address and it happens to be a 5 min walk. I go over there get more drunk. Couldnt smash bc her she was sleeping at her roomates and were in the same room but we had some other fun. Sucks but this aint even the worst part of the roomate. She's all friendly the night before but at 7am I get the roughest wake up of my life by her saying get out ( found out later she sobered up and felt weird there was a rando in her place) so I call an uber and get home for $20.

Had 4 bowls of chowdah including a bread bowl at Atlantic Fish Co. The Sam Adams brewery in S Boston was cool. Maybe better if I wasnt on 2 hrs of sleep. Went to some place Doyles which mightve had the best chower I had there. Went to Harvard Square but it didn't really look to have much younger people there (maybe bc it's the summer?) so we Went out to Ned Devines in that touristy Fanuleu(?) hall area. It was expensive and hot as **** inside but this live band saved it. Lots of girls too. Overall great city (only complaint is bars closing at 2), def wanna go back next summer when the Yankees play there again. Thanks for the suggestions
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