what to do in irvine/orange county area? vol. friends visiting

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What's good NT, I'm from San Jose, CA
and I've been at UCIfor the last 3 years now. Some of my boys from back home decided to visit for the long weekend, and being that I'm not from around here I don't reallyknow what to do or where to take them. Any of you 714/949 heads got suggestions? They're trying to eat and do things that are more So Cal specific if ithelps.

probably will take 'em roscoes later
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Take them to the beach. Huntington, Newport, Laguna, wherever. It's perfect beach weather.
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How you been here 3 years and not know where to go? Take em to Pinks, the beach on Monday, watch the laker game at a bar tonight that should be a goodexperience. Drake is in town I'm sure he's at a club Go down hollywood touch some booties. Head to Santa Ana and ravage white women. Rinse. Repeat
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First off, take em out of Irvine, there's nothing here but the spectrum, and to a lesser extent the District..both of which get old real quick.

Go up towards LA, you've got Venice, Hollywood, etc all that touristy stuff
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Originally Posted by KB8isCLUTCH

how have you lived there 3 years and not know where to go?
I just turned 21 so I never really payed attention to any clubs or bars till a few weeks ago. I know some spots to take them, I was just wonderingif there was something cool to do down here that I didn't know of. Today we went to Newport Beach and rented some bikes
It was cool tho, we cruised down till we were in some neighborhood and had a
rotation while riding. It was pretty tight. Now we're watching game 3.
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