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Sup NT,

Since the Official San Diego Thread is super cluttered, I'd like to get direct input from my SoCal NTers.

Anyways, we will have a car and will be staying at a friend's place, so all that is taken care of.

However, what are some of "MUST SEE" places in SD?  We'll be here for 3 nights, so we have a lot of time to burn.  I'll be checking out Yelp as well, but I want NT's opinion.
Best places to eat (especially carne asada fries or all you can eat korean bbq)?

Best clubs or bars?  Best places to shop?

Cmon San Diego, show me what you all about!
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To be honest, the weather is the only thing great thing I love about San Diego.

Night life to me is bleh because it's usually the same people you see on Tuesday night, Wednesday night, Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night. And if you ain't sick of them yet, you'll see those same people Sunday night at the "poppin' spots."

But if you're gonna do the tourist route and want to check out clubs/lounges: U-31 in North Park on Thursday night and Thin/Onyx in Downtown Friday Night. I don't know what's poppin' on Saturday Night, The Confidential in Downtown, maybe.

As far as shoe spots, we have Blends located in Downtown and The Attic.

All you can eat Korean BBQ at Jeong Won on Convoy.

Go to Lolitas for Carne Asada Fries. There's a location near the ballpark in downtown, OG Lolitas on Telegraph Rd in Chula Vista, one on Bonita Rd in Chula Vista, one on Clairemont Mesa Blvd, and one on Palomar in Chula Vista.

Late night Carne Asada Fries that are straight up solid for after the club/lounge, Saritas in Spring Valley off Casa De Oro.
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Check out the Zoo during the day. Walk around downtown at night. Cruise up to La Jolla and check out the fancy beaches, or hit up Mission Beach for the younger crowd.
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