What To Do In Toronto?

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so im gonna be in toronto for a few days and im wondering what to do while im here. im 18 and dont got a fake so drinking's gonna be tough. upside is that money isnt too much of an issue. any recommendations? places to go? eat? etc? ive talked up toronto to a few of my friends and i want them to leave here w/a good impression of canada.

thanks in advance

oh by the way, im gonna be in the downtown core, like down by the lake/cn tower and i dont have a car so id appreciate it if recs are kept to that part of town
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Try Queen Street West from University to Bathurst... If you keep going, you'll run into Parkdale, which is alright, too, depending on what you're into...

Queen Street West on the other side of University (headed East) will lead to the Eaton Centre (Yonge & Queen). Yonge from Queen to College is worth walking around...

If you're not hella lazy, you can do all this by walking or taking the TTC (streetcars and subway)... TTC stations will give you a Ride Guide (map and basic TTC info) if you ask...

College from Spadina to Ossington is alright for eats, etc. too (Li'l Italy)...

Hope this helps...
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^ If you're into that thing try "Filmore's" on Dundas & George St.  Five minutes walk from Eaton Centre

One of the grimiest joints that is somehow still in business despite the fugliness inside
You'll have a good time just laughing at the monstrosity on the stage, plus its d@mn cheap for drinks
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Hijacking thread.

Im also going to up in TO Easter weekend. Staying at the Winston. I've heard theres like boat/ferry rides that are good? Where are the bars located?
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