What type of women do you attract? vol. Animal Mag-noo-tism

Joined Feb 23, 2008
I attract high maintenance brawds.  And I (unintentionally) go after high maintenance brawds.  I'm trying to re-program myself, cause I actually prefer down to earth chicks, but I rarely get them.  
Joined Sep 28, 2011
fat chics, churchy chics (the legit ones, not the on their knees all through the week and Sunday type but the wear a turtleneck dress down to their ankles chastity belt weating type), fat churchy chics, fat white chics, and well underaged chics who are my neice's friends.
Joined Jul 17, 2009
Unfortunately, ones I don't want. Fat chicks, ugly chicks, complaining #+$!%!, etc. I've had to slay a few on some slumpbusting *#+!, but for the most part I don't deal with females that are attracted to me.
Joined Dec 11, 2010
damb... never really thought about this...

im not sure if physically its a certain type, but i know my straightforwardness (word?) turns them off.

i think i try to be too raw, and the ones that dig it are usually the ones with a more big-picture view.

i have all the stuff to pull a shallow chick ibcluding whip game and gear, but stay getting girls that dont care about any of that.

hope i worded it right...

tips on which girls are shallow would be appreciated too, fambs...


Joined Jul 5, 2009
Too many Wifey high maintenance chicks who  introduce me to their parents and then expect me to fully commit to them
. meanwhile all i want to do is smash and dash. It's probably my fault though. I always try to be a gentleman and don't really tell them my true intentions. I guess I have a bad habit off gassing %@%%!# heads up.
Joined Nov 12, 2006
Originally Posted by AntonLaVey

Aggressive women, sometimes its good sometimes its bad
Yea, I get those "party like it's 1999" chicks myself. They're usually in for a rude awakening with that overly aggressive stuff.
Joined Mar 21, 2008
crazy party girls with sleeves/piercings.. Every girl i meat is trouble.. I need a good girl for once..
Joined Jun 7, 2006

I'm gonna be 21 and I can be mistaken for a sophomore in high school. I got carded to get into Chuck E Cheese
Joined Sep 24, 2008
usually tall skinny pretty ones. ehh not complainin but i wish i could attract more thick chicks
Joined Jan 2, 2010
Fat $+*+#$* or thick ones but they all have some type of issue... And they want me to save them from that issue and I'm like just spread those legs and ill save you lol
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