What would yall say is the best nike basketball shoes of all time?

Joined Jul 23, 2006
I say Kobe 6’s for sure... I wore my del sols every hoop session until the midsole blew out on me. In hind sight, I wish I would have hoarded more colorways when the 6’s were readily available at retail stores ...

Harden Vol:1’s are beasts on the court too, but they’re Adidas of course...

Joined Sep 28, 2003
almost forgot, ultraposite.

IIRC, Ultraflight, Ultraposite, and Flight 2k3 came out in the same season. It had to be one of the best, if not the best year of Nike Basketball ever.
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You can tell the age and how long it’s been since some of you have played ball based on your picks in here :lol:
Joined Sep 28, 2003
You can tell the age and how long it’s been since some of you have played ball based on your picks in here :lol:
Well that and everything post 2008 looks almost the same every year to me. It's like with the hyperdunk they just move the swoosh and vents.
Joined Oct 10, 2013
Man my best basketball days were spent wearing Jordan ix retros from whenever the first black/white pair re released.
Joined Jul 29, 2012
Kobe 6 for me. I have a few pairs. But hindsight and greed tells me that I should have hoarded more.

I love the Kobe X Elite primeknit. Perfect balance of having lots of cushion for a low top but still feeling a bit low to the ground.
Joined Dec 9, 2002
Huarache 2k4, I used to catch bodies in these. Perfect bball shoe.
Jordan xx cushioning was unreal.

Makes me wonder about all the shoes I never got to experience.
Joined Oct 24, 2010
Kobe 5. Amazing design, colorways, and performance.
no other shoes matters

Kobe V hands down best shoe ive ever played in and ive owned almost every Kobe and Nike basketball prior.

Never played in 2k4 but I remember people used to tout those are the best ever at the time
Joined Oct 24, 2010
A lot of people in here seem to say the Kobe 5. I don’t know how anybody could take the performance of the Kobe 5 over the Kobe 6’s.
Meh I wore the VI's for years

only issue with the V, it was prone to ripping although still functional.

I loved the VI but V>>>VI

IMO of course
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