what would you do? blatant money disrespecting

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NT, I need your advice.

My homie owed me money. $300 to be exact. He has been shaking/ducking me for over a year.
He contacts me asking a favor during XMAS 2011 saying he desperately needs a loan (on top of him already owing me $300).

I said Hell Nah, but he said he'll give me good faith collateral. I say ok.

He gives me '10 cool grey XI, '07 royal foam ones, Golddigger sb trainers. He gave me those 3 kicks for a $250 loan on top of $300 so now he owes me $550, saying he will pay me by end of January. Cool.

Comes end of Jan, he only pays me $150 and says he'll pay me $400 next week (payday+tax return), I say cool and he takes the cool grey XI back. Now he owes me $400 and I have 07 royal foams and golddigger sb's.

It is now March. Excuses after excuses. Same old story. Extensions on extensions. "He owed taxes instead of return" "money to relatives wedding" "waiting on bookie" "etc"

All in the mean time he fake balling, going out to bars everynight, clubbing every weekend, going to Vegas, buying new gear and posting on facebook etc., obviously this fool has money to do all these activities, yet he can't pay me back. Everytime I say Imma sell your %@!%@ and deduct from what he owes me is says don't do it, he'll pay me in a few days then same old story.

Am I wrong for trying to sell his stuff? I don't want any trouble or drama but this is ridiculous. Money ain't no thang to me, but this blantant disrespect is what gets me. He be like, "do you really need the money? You stackin, right?". SMH
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that's why you never loan money to friends. I only spot friends on money I don't mind losing, like paying for their meal or a drink at a bar etc.
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i feel ya OP..

i let a so called homie some cash around this time last year in vegas, and have yet to be paid back...
its annoying as hell to see this dude posting pics on FB acting like he balling, but when I hit him up for the $$$ he aint got it or he "struggling"

Sometimes it feels the money isnt important, but the principle of me doing you a favor and u acting like a female..

sidenote: I always feel bad bout asking for "MY" cash back!
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Originally Posted by KB8isCLUTCH

that's why you never loan money to friends. I only spot friends on money I don't mind losing, like paying for their meal or a drink at a bar etc.

sell his stuff and the situation is settled, if he wants them back then he can use his stuntin money to buy it back
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Sell the remaining pairs and recoup your money. Two things that stand out in your post to me. He's waiting on a bookie (he has a problem) and he went to Vegas (oh hell no). Time to let him go as a friend.
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Originally Posted by a55a5in11

should of kept the cool greys and sold those

Yeah same thing I was thinking, but he said he was gonna pay me in a few days...SMDHNow I'm stuck with 2 shoes that will net me less than $400 (what is owed)His phone conviently is temporarily out of service as the last time we spoke he said "relax, Imma pay you Wednesday" (Wednesday as in yesterday)He posting on fb talking about he gonna get some new gear/etc for a Vegas trip this weekend for someone's bday. $+!???


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give him a final deadline for your money back and if he does not pay then sell his shoes
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And he owes my other homies money too. But its $100 here and $100 there and they don't wanna give him static until he pays me first ($400).

I don't want him whining/*****ing/crying when I sell his stuff. Or tell other friends that I made a ++%+! move.
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give him till his next payday and if not sell the sneakers. you have gave him plenty of time to get the money together.
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he doesnt care about the shoes

you won't get the cash from him

he doesn't care about your friendship

you minus well sell the shoes and keep it moving unless you "bout dat life".  and after reading this story you clearly arent.
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Give final deadline and go through with it. He obviously ain't struggling so just out of principal, he deserves what happens.
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Lay hands on him then sell the shoes. It'd be different if he was straight up with you and told you he was broke and can't pay you. But he's ducking and dodging and posting gear on FB purchased with your money? Lulz.


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dont sell the shoes.

make a video of u burning the shoes and then at the end of the vid say F you and insert some lines from hit em up

and forget about him
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No documentation about the loans. He knows how much he owes me and I saved everything via text.

He is sentimental about the kicks. Real talk. Especially the 07 royal foams. I just don't want to be hated, talked #**% upon, retaliation of some sort, etc. How much you think I can get for these kicks after fees/etc.???

Sidenote: only reason I gave him that "favor loan" was to get some sort of collateral.
Before that, he just owed me $300 and I had nothing to show for it/leverage
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give him a reasonable deadline (end of week, his next payday) and if he doesnt come through tell him youre gonna sell his kicks and still hold him accountable for the deficiency in the event that you dont net out a full 400. not that you will ever collect that balance, but thats how it works in the real world.
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It's hard to give him a deadline when his cell is "out of service". I don't really kick it with him anymore as it is really ackward. I sometimes run into him at parties, and he be ducking big time.

I never put him on blast or "air out the truth on fb"

I actually didn't sweat the $$$ until he was doing all these hood rich activities (it was like a slap in the face). Now its just for the principles.
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Put those 07 Foams on craigslist, if they're DS - you should get at the very least $250, but more like $300.

At that point just call it even and take the $100 or so loss and don't EVER loan him money again.
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Yes the 07 royal foam ones are DS. The Huf golddigger sb trainers are vvvvvnds. Both have original boxes and everything.

Yeah, I will just sell em and if I come up short tell him he still owes me remaining balance (not that ill get it considering his credit)

I'll be happy with at least $300, ill take $100 loss and lesson learned.

I never had a problem loaning money. EVER. This disgust me.
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