What would you do if someone stepped on your J's? (serious)

Oct 15, 2006
Hello all...i dont really post much on here...mainly because i have a life (haha jk really) but seriously, i have been a long time reader of this thread and would like to come out and express something that is a very serious issue at hand. I think you all can relate.

Ok so this is a little story i have to tell you Toronto NTers. Feeback or stories similar to mine, would be greatly appreciated.

It all started one bright sunny sunday afternoon...just got laid on the saturday night by a random @#%$. @#%$ left the house early, which was a bonus. SO the Sunday is looking good. I think to myself...Hey whut the heck..why the f#@k not! lets break out the OG fu@#in concord XI's...kept DS for years....feeling extra good for some god damn reason so i break it out. NOT EVEN 2 friggin minutes out the door, some BUM @#%$ dude walking with his head down in a hasty manner, comes right down my way and pays no attention to where he is walking. The bum plants his feet on top of the left toe box and even got the white mesh part. My first instinct was to look HOW DIRTY my jays were. SECOND instinct was to kill this muthaF@#er. So, with a short glance, a very big scuff mark on the patent part of the shoe and dirt in the white mesh just added no room for @#%$. I asked the man why? got no real reason beacause he was talking BS...then i proceeded to lay 3 punches to his head. Knocked him out and left home to see if i could clean my J's off with Footlocker sneaker cleaner. The job took me 3 hours to get them back to a very improved state. I mean having my shoes crack on me in the process of walking would have been alot better than a bum stepping on my J's.

Were my actions called for? Can you relate ect...let me hear some insights/stories. Thanks T.O. NT.
^ yo, outsmarting is not cool....anyway, you got bums walking down your neighborhood??? you must be on crack or something cus even in Jersey you dont see that....id do the same @#%$, but of course, remove the concords first, then beat him up....

I dont know man, i dont believe your story....i think you trying to get some NT Fame or something...not cool, LMAO
I'll get pissed but not to the extent of knocking a guy out...not worth the trouble...
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Two words: Man up.

@#%$ sissy.

EDIT: Whooops.
Our sales tax will kill you. At least we have free health care!
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^ I think thats 2 words...or 4.

I wear most of mien for basketball, so they usually get stepped on. Not a huge deal.
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you a clown son!

ya get cool points cuz im the one ya listen to
but lose em all cuz ya not original.

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well, ppl. are violent these days, heard some dude beated up this married guy around his 40s, for him thinking the old guy was staring him down. Good thing is that he went to Juvie.
ducktales, we need pics lol
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