What would you do? Vol. Wait Wut? She is a........wut?


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You are a 16 year old boy who has just met this 22 year old female.
You and said female talk for a while and you decide that you want to date her.
Before taking that step, the 22 year old female admits to you that she was born as a male.
What would you do?

A) Leave her alone?
B) Continue to show interest and date her?
C) Lure her to a house, shoot him at point blank range, steal his purse and leave her for dead?

This is what this possible nter did.

Consent law in Florida is 18, yet 23 & under can smash 16 year olds.
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Shoot the ****** and have my friend make a thread on NT about how the justice system is corrupt.
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He should have just smashed it's head instead of waiting.

Hopefully it learned it's lesson about misleading people. But I doubt it.

"Surprising lack of remorse" :stoneface: :stoneface: :stoneface: :stoneface: The ******g irony :smh: Like he he/she played no part.
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