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Mar 4, 2007
So I ordered a pair of XIII white/wheat (size 9). What I got in the mail was XI white/blue (size 8 ) . I emailed the guy that I got the wrong shoes, he first apologized for the mistake. He then suggested that I send the XI white/blue to the correct buyer, he will pay the shipping charges. I informed him that I would hold on the the shoes until the XIII arrive, then I will ship out the XI. I think that's the honest thing to do.

If you were in my shoes, what would you have done?
the same exact thing....once you get your shoes then I would send them out (assuming he pays the charges)...you don't know if you're sending the XI's to one of his boys or something
send back the shoes with tracking info to the seller... that's the only way you're protected... If something goes wrong with your shipment to the other person, you are gonna be held responsible.

The seller should refund the return shipping cost for the shoes considering it's his fault.

As an eBay seller who runs an eBay store... mistakes do happen, but I am willing to take the loss and accept responsibility for my mistakes. and the seller should do that too.

I would never ask the buyer to mail (forward) a package to the correct buyer.

Not everyone is a scammer... but some people are... Always protect yourself.
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I wouldn't send them back to the seller until I got my shoes...
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send em back to the seller not the other guy
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So the seller replied:

"hi, would you mind to send it out first.
I can paypal back all the money for your deposite now.

If you haven't had the Jordan XIII, then you can have
the full refund.

You can reject the payment once the Jordan XIII is
there. thank you"

This is what I plan to reply:

"Yes, I actually do mind.
This is what I would like to do to protect myself. Since this was your mistake, I want to ensure I don't get blamed for anything.

1) I am keeping the shoes until the 13's arrive. If the 13's don't arrive, you will refund the whole amount of $xxx.xx (PAYPAL ONLY). I will give you 7 days from today to deliver the 13s. If I don't get the shoes on or before 10/14/07, then it will be considered the item was not delivered.

2) Should the 13's arrive or I get my refund of $xxx.xx, I will ONLY ship the shoes back to you. I WILL NOT SHIP to the buyer. This is for obvious reasons to protect myself. I don't need to explain further.

3) Before sending the shoes back to you, we will discuss the shipping charges. Insurance and tracking number will be applied to ensure the shoes get to you.

The above conditions are not negotiable. Hope you understand and are clear."

Do you all think this is safe enough to protect myself? Is there anything else I should do? Also, is the XI white/blue worth more than the XIII white/Wheat? Thanks all for the advice.
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^ good plan, seems like the best thing to do.
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If he said he'll refund right now, just be a cool guy and send the shoes for him. Reject the payment when you get your shoes. Simple as that. Sounds like the dude is trying to keep you satisfied *pause* with your purchase.
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I don't think this guy trying to fraud you. Send the shoes back but get a tracking number, this way you can ensure that your return made it back.
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Wait what xi's are they? Columbias? I think I'd pay him more money for columbias lol.

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i'd hold onto the shoes that were shipped to me. then once i got the xiii's i'd ship them back to the person who sent them
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that was a smart move, BUT i dont think you should have gotten involved with the other peoples shoe transactions. when you received your XIII's, you should have sent the XI's back to the seller and not the buyer
guve em to me :D
I would never ask the buyer to mail (forward) a package to the correct buyer.

Not everyone is a scammer... but some people are... Always protect yourself.
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If you piss the guy off all he has to say is i sent them to him he got them here's the proof with the tracking number and he's covered. Then your stuck with a pair of shoes you can't wear and he's stuck with a negative feedback. It up to you to send the shoes back for a refund
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