what's crackin Seattle?

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Goods on Pike st for shoes and gear, also there is 35th North up the Street, and Winners Circle and Capitol all in that area, and Laced will open up further up Pike st on Feb 21. The War room is a club worth checking out, and as far as touristy stuff, see the Space Needle, the Pike Place Market, the Lusty Lady (bring 3-5 bucks and some hand sanitizer). What kind of budget you on, you want cheap eat suggestions, nice restraunts, don't care about food or what?
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^ new store on pike. not sure if its opened yet or gonna be opened.
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i had a chance to go see pikes place market the other day. that place is great. they got crab legs 3 feet long if you can imagine that. i got punked too by that monk fish thing. lol.
we should just have a bunch of solid replies to this thread and sticky this mess...same thread comes up all the time

btw pike place is lame IMO. i guess its cool if u never been but otherwise its whatever
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But you cant front on the donuts, sandwiches from the 3 Sisters Bakery, and the pizza bread around the corner from 3 Sisters.

The food at the market > any tourist attraction
oo206oo is more awesome than you. Don't argue.
Go to the asian store on the corner (kitty corner from the pig), the place that sells the "Seattle Snakes", and get the Pancit and Chili Beef, or Chicken Adobo. Thanks me later.
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Goods, Capitol 1524 lol im not sure if you're talking about shoe stores or other places.
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