What's good with Nike Elite Basketbal Crew socks? (SOCKS FTW!)

crazy ebw

Joined Jul 2, 2001
Why did Nike make such a limited amount of these? (the ones with the stripe on the back, NCAA players wearing them al the time) They're sold out EVERYWHERE, and it seems like everybody wants them.

Can anybody shed light on these and when more would be available?

We can turn this into a full blown discussion on socks too. We have had a good discussion on socks in the Kobe thread.

Socks are a very important part of the athletic shoe world IMO. Cotton is a NO NO for me.
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Joined Jun 8, 2007
I picked up a pair from HoH Chi. They had a ton left. Feel very comfortable on my feet. Prefer them over any sock i've tried.
Joined May 29, 2006
I HATE the way they look and am always surprised to see that so many peopl like them.
Joined Jul 7, 2009
i got a pair of navy/white ones for my season, i love them to death. extra cushioning on the heel and ball of your feet. will post a couple pictures later. i recommend anyone spend the 13 dollars they cost. i see them on ebay going for 25+ dollars though.

i was looking for a topic like this the other day, glad someone made one. like i said, will post pics later

I'm number 1 btw

this is a pretty sick picture imo...

Joined May 4, 2009
Dark Blue ones look very cool.  Does HOH just have the standard Black and white or colors as well?  Need some of those navys to go with my Akron Lebrons.
Joined Nov 14, 2008
Originally Posted by Sneaky

I picked up a pair from HoH Chi. They had a ton left. Feel very comfortable on my feet. Prefer them over any sock i've tried.

Socks are pretty much gone. only black and white left. I was able to buy blue,navy, and red for myself.

crazy ebw

Joined Jul 2, 2001
See, they're NOWHERE!

I hope Nike makes a TON and these are readily available. They look so funky, but I just want them because of the pure performance aspect because anyone who I have ever encountered has pretty much swore by them.

Paying good money for socks is an investment I swear. People need to see the light.
Joined May 15, 2004
I have been looking for these for a month or so. I ended up ordering the quarter cut from eastbay, but yesterday I stopped by HOH chicago and was pleasantly surprised to see them there. I bought 3 pairs (2 black, 1 navy). They still had a ton of black ones and one navy and one royal blue in size 8-12 (L). Can't wait to wear them.
Joined Mar 5, 2009
^^ Crazy- I couldnt agree with you more, socks def. do have an affect! I got a few pairs of these when i went to HOH Cherry Hill and I must say they were def. worth the money. The extra padding around the foot helps A LOT. My feet def. feel better after having played bball in them. If u can find a pair and want a decent pair of socks to play ball in, give it a shot.
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I just wear the quarter Elites. I'm not huge into crew socks anyways. Not bad for $7.99. I've never tried the NBA brand socks though.  I couldve sworn Wal-Mart sold NBA brand socks like 6 years ago for like $ 5 instead of $12 that is charged at shoe stores?????

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nice pics cbrooks, i wish my high school had uni's like that when i was in high school, team have some extra shorts i can cop??.... anyways i need some navy's for my akrons and royals for my soldiers 3's.
Joined Jul 7, 2009
haha nahh i dont think we have extra, other than 1 pair that my dad got for himself.

i want to try those quarter socks though, they look pretty


formerly retro23phan
Joined Aug 31, 2004
i have 5 pairs. i instantly bought them once i heard of them in the kobe v thread. its alright. i will stick to fivefingers with no socks.

crazy ebw

Joined Jul 2, 2001
Ok people you can stop posting pictures to make me jealous k thanks!

But seriously, has anybody heard anything about these not being available by the masses? I mean i've never heard of an LE or QS sock DAMN!

I guess I could get the quarters and be satisfied, but I like playing in crews for basketball much better. Just a mental thing.
Joined Jun 4, 2003
a must have got 4 pair 2 mids 1 high and a pair of the Team USA one with just the USA logo on the side... Best BBALL socks ive played in ... Worth the bread...
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