What's good with Nike Elite Basketbal Crew socks? (SOCKS FTW!)

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Originally Posted by bostonmarc

For anyone looking for the newer colors
two look like the ones we've seen on NDC, but the other two are curious?  Both indicated challenge red, but look more orange than red.  One looks like it could be a near perfect match to tthe Dolphins Unis, and the other looks like a reverse Gators.  Does anyone own either of these colorways?
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I went to NikeTown Seattle, and also the HoH Footlocker @ Southcenter today. NT Seattle had the black and cyber yellow. I wasn't impressed so I passed. Footlocker had all the usual colors. Blah!
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Originally Posted by conner71

Originally Posted by davecfprez

Originally Posted by conner71

Anybody seen the green/yellow? Its like they disappeared
Wow I look almost every day and the one day I dont there they are lol
glad you scored them! I was able to snag two pairs of the gray/green from the link posted a few pages back. I normally wear a LARGE, but since they were sold out, I bought the XL size... ugh.
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Heads Up: be checking your local Champs for any of the 'newer' colors (blue/orange, maroon/red, obsidian/cyber, etc.) and DSG for the Football Socks - Vapors or just the Dri-Fit Performance Crews.
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On a fly drive in florida and after little or no successin orlando, managed to picky up some pairs in size M in Estero.

also had the grey/green, purple/pink, black/orange and the regular colourways

Most  were available in size M,L,XL
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has anyone heard or seen a glow in the dark pair of nike elites? i have a chance to get some dont know if there legit or just fake, thanks!
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Originally Posted by bigsupa


Paramus NJ by bigsupa507, on Flickr

Hey Biggie, I went to the outlet in paramus the next day after seeing this post.
Nadda, not one of any of these colors were available.
Said some dude bought a whole bunch.
That be you, right?
Bigsupa = Bigshopper.
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@NikeRider Yes I bout the entire stock for $2.99 per pair including 80% off so I bout 200 pairs of socks. Lolol
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Grabbed them Cyber ones at Niketown Boston today. Dope colorway but if they were black/cyber

Edit: Damn, Supa. 200 pairs?! That's quite the come up
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