Whats good with Wrethem Outlets?

Jan 12, 2007
Yea. Haven't been up there in ill minute. Should I take another trip up there. If its good info don't put it on blast. Just PM me. G/L.
i guess ill come up in here and do my usual in the wrentham threads..

everyone stays hating..

but ive come up countless times at wrentham, maybe not recently, but ive definitely come up.. :pimp:
Expensive Ta$te
I've never had much luck in Wrentham. They don't get much but even when they do get stuff they seem to be about 3 weeks behind other outlets with their Jordan apparel.
ok, went there yesterday.... they have a bunch of Air Force 1 premiums for $100... like those ones with the player's face on the side and a few others too which i'm not familiar with.... they also have the Air Max 1...the ones with the green toe box for $60.

....i found better stuff at adidas and puma though, like Puma Clydes for $45......
...no really.
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