What's poppin in Da "A" this weekend?? (9/15-18)

Oct 29, 2001
Bout to make a trip there this weekend. Anything going on that I should know about? What's a good club to go to on Sat since Visions is closed? Get at me!
When u was in a class trying to pick a career, I was selling grass, counting cash, drinking a beer...
Prime Time, Nocturnal, I heard some good things about Crunk. I don't visit clubs as much as I used to. Lived here all 22 years of my life and seen them all since I was about 15. You may want to hit up Uptown Comedy Club, Damon Wayans is going to be there. Not sure if you are into the type of music they play, but MJQ Concourse is one of my favorite spots. They play hip hop/reggae on weekends and I think British-pop on tuesday or wednesday and some day they have acid-jazz. It's the type of spot where people actually dance instead of stand on the wall. I always meet some pretty interesting chicks there too. Don't know if that's a good or bad thing though.
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