whats the best at&t phone out there that doesnt require a data plan?

Joined Feb 29, 2000
my phone broke. need a good phone for calls, texting, and speakerphone, basically the simple stuff. dont need it for any kind of internet or apps. any suggestions which is the best for what i need? anti at and t remarks welcomed.
Joined Jan 3, 2009
Im in the same boat but wit sprint and all the non smart phones suck, worse then the one I have now
Joined Dec 2, 2007
Don't get the Pantech Laser customers come in my store complaining and having problems every other day
At first I thought the phone was nice AMOLED screen and "thinnest" messaging phone
Joined Nov 16, 2001
Most phones now days are smart phones by some stretch.  You might as well look into a phone running Android since you'll be able to do the basics and have some nice extras at your fingertips should you want/need them in the future.

FYI... don't get a 4G phone.  I found out the hard way after buying one on ebay that AT&T's policy states that all 4G phones now require a data plan.  I got around it by getting an unlocked t-mobile phone since they can only access AT&T's 2G network anyways but you can still use them w/ wifi.
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