What's the best basketball shoe for...

Aug 7, 2005
Someone who...

- is 5'9" 155 lbs.
- likes to drive
- isn't really fast, but has quick feet
- has flat feet
- likes good cushioning and ankle support
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i'd say 2k4's, and if you don't mind how heavy a shoe is then the lebron iv's work too.
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^^^the 2k4s didnt have good ankle support at all imo, and ive had numerous people tell me you need to wear ankle braces with these. try the kobe 2. it has a lower arch which will be better for you. high arched shoes may cause discomfort. lace them all the way up and tighten the strap.
Its always easy to start from brands up, you can take RBK and Adidas out because of your demand for cushioning.
RBK doesn't have good forefoot cushioning as mentioned in Issue 18 of Sole Collector in their review of the RBK Unanimous, I think unless you can find an RBK shoe with full-length cushioning.
Adidas' adiprene+ doesn't last long as far as i can recall and adiprene in the heel isn't as responsive as zoom air.
However a3 and the bounce technology is always something to choose from, but those two technologies don't sound like it would fit your style of play.

Now for your flat feet, you need to give Superfeet Insoles a try and see if they work for you (try for like 1-2 months), and if it still doesn't work, go see a foot specialist and see if they recommend that you get a custom insole made for yourself.

Going back to shoes you would want to choose, I would highly recommend the Zoom BBs, you can also go checkout goosebear10's blog: http://undsed.blogspot.com
It has tons of shoes that I think would fit your style of play, but I would stay away from shoes like ZKII and Lebron IVs just because they have insoles that either are unremovable or shouldn't be removed, unless you got a custom insole thats thin enough to go on top of the original insole. Nike Air Ultraflight is another shoe thats similar to Zoom BB and should be given a try but its pretty old so you have a better chance at finding the Zoom BBs instead
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Nike Shox Stunner if you dont might how heavy it is..good ankle support, traction,cushionig..one of my fave ball shoes
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thanks for the plug ziostilon ahahaha anyways there are some reebok and adidas options out there,My advice is what do you value more?ankle support or cushioning?Seeing that youre 155 pounds cushioning shouldnt be a problem and I'm confident that most shoes should be able to support you.Being that a normal college/nba player sits around the 200 pound area.The insole issue and how comfortable you are with the ankle support should probably be what you focus on.I have flat feet and have never worn corrective insoles.Im guessing thats contributing to my back issues..anyways in all the years that I have been playing I think only the nike air signature players were the only ones that had high arches.
-adidas gil zero mid
-nike zoom bb
-jordan xxi mid
-try on the zoom soldiers I passed but tried them on and they really gave a lockdown feel but Ive had conflicting reports on them.
try on the kobes and the lebrons as well and see if you feel any discomfort on them if you go without insoles however if you have wide feet stay away from the lebrons and the soldiers.basically what Im saying is hit up your closest spot and start trying on shoes ahahahha put them dudes to work
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