Whats the best digital camera so far?

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Anybody has any favorites?
I'm trying to look for a great one for the summer. 

The Samsung CL80 is 
 but no release date though.  Any opinions? 
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Originally Posted by Rap Sizzle

Get the Nikon D3x.

jk...you can't go wrong with any Canon powershots.
yeah, i checked the d3x 
 that price is BEAST, but thanks i'm going to check out the canon's then.
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yeah, the powershots are more of a consumer grade camera.  the d3x is for more of an enthusiast, or someone that has deep pockets
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Im looking for a small digi cam that will fit in my pocket to take pics whenever i want.

Can anyone recommend me one? I dont care about features just picture quality
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Nikon coolpix s60 or 70 I love my s60 its a good camera and the ladies love to take pics on it (taking really good pics lol)
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Canon sd780. It's small (size of a business card) and takes solid pictures and has HD video capabilities like a flip.

It's the perfect pocket cam.
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Originally Posted by Chicagos Finest 23

Is the Leica D-LUX 4 a good pocket cam? Is it worth the price?

I say just get the Panasonic LX3 which is half the price, here's a comparison of their pictures quality. They're basically the same camera with a few small differences.
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sorry to dig up an old thread but im looking for a digital camera as well.

Mainly for pics and videos...nothing professional but just to parties concerts etc.

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