What's the BEST performing nike SHOX bball shoe?

Aug 2, 2006
I've been wanting to try this tech out for a while. What is the best way to go?
SHOX Stunner or the Shox VC I and III is definetly the way to go, most of the shox today aren't as good as they were when it first came out.

the ones that i listed are all different:
if u want a forefoot Zoom heel Shox setup then its the Stunner
Forefoot Shox and Heel Shox then its the VC 1
Full Length shox, u'd want to go with the VC III

u can go read prof. K's review on them, to get more out of it
thanks for the replies. I'm thinking about full length shox. What other shoes have full length shox besides VC III?
shox bomber, vc 2 has full length shox
shox elite has heel shox and FF shox
i just said VC III, because Prof. K gave really good remarks to it, and there aren't that many other full-length shox out these days. and most of the time, Nike makes their SIG Shoes overall better than the normal ones
I thought I was the only one that like the Xplosives.

In my mind, they're a classic. One of those amazing performance Nike basketball kicks that weren't really marketed (other than through Battle Grounds), and not that many people snatched them up. I'd love another pair to play in, as mine are absolutely beat. Ben Gordon knows about them, too.
Shox Limitless-same technology as BB4, but the columns were a lower profile and had no break-in.
Shox Ups, i would say its pretty similar to VC III. probably a tuned down version by a bit of the VC III, as it is a TEAM Shoe like the Limitless, however the Limitless was also highly recomended. so if u can find either the VCIII or the Shox Ups, u'll be good, but u have to bare with weight of the Shox columns are they are heavier than a zoom air bag.
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