what's the highest you paid for a pair of kicks?

Mar 2, 2003

i spend $450 for this tiffany dunk sb

that's the highest in my whole life
250 for an unwearable grail OG, with box, pamplet, and paper. Its tough to estimate the market but id say its still worth that amount if sold today
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i paid 326 for my DMP pack its retail but thats the most i spent on kicks at one time
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$200 on the xvii's when they came out. Wish I would've bought more pairs of the white/blue.
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210 $ for some OG Black Red XII's from Vintagekicks/Flightclub


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300 on bacon am90
300 on stash am95
300 on bred 11
300 on miami sb

sadly those are my only cool kicks smh on me

wtd:shima 3 dunks sz 8.5
$210 for NDS Sea Crystals.
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420 for ds taiwan af1's and 410 for vvvnds orange suprmes
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in the process of paying 270 for ds concords- thatll be the most imma pay, besides that ive paid 180 for the xviii's when they dropped
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$445.00 for DS White/Red/Blue Air Command Force Pumps (pump functional w/ no yellowing....)
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Never too old..​
$200 for mars IV's (i know i got ripped off)
$200 for BMP
$175 for Air Jordan XXII
$165 for Air Jordan XIX west coast
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$235 for VNDS for 2001 True Blues III's. That's alot for me. Dont like spending more than retail, but they are classics.
I didnt pay for them cus they were a gift but my Stash NYC Highs were $500 from RIF
Most I paid was $400 for the Blue Stash Lows..

Bottom line, Stashs are expensive lol

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