Whats the most comfortable Nike shoe you have worn?

Joined May 16, 2008
Like the title says, Whats the most comfortable Nike shoe you have worn?

For me it would have to be Nike AM 97, feels like a cloud.
Joined Apr 17, 2005
Nike air max moto 5. I know... i'm surprised I said that too. Nike Presto (i forget which model) was light and comfortable also
Joined Jul 2, 2006
Air Max Pluses and OG AM93s for me. The 93 does get a * because I was wearing them with gel insoles that helped improve the comfort considerably.
Joined Sep 28, 2004

light weight, enough stability and a high enough cut for basketball. the zoom air provdes amazing cushioning.

throw in a story about the origin of the shoe, and its one of those classic shoes. best of the 2000-2008 era imo.
Joined Oct 8, 2004
thats easy FREE's then the PRESTO... used to be PRESTO's then they came out with the FREE theyre so comfortable and light...
Joined Nov 24, 2007
Funny so many people are claiming Presto's, cause I agree. Nothing better than my 03 presto's... the "Free" line doesn't even comeclose.
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