Whats the NFL Season Without a Pick Em League Vol. $$$

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Sup fellas.

So football season is quickly approaching and Id like to start a Pick Em league for us NTers.
Its obvious theres a lot of gamblers on this forum so I figure itll be $10 a head (PAUSE) for the whole season.
I dont predict we'll have a large amount of people so the payout will be for whoever has the most wins by seasons end.
Also the trash talking possibilities are endless when theres a few bucks involved.

We could all paypal the money to Dirty or something to avoid anyone being worried about a scam. Im also a very trustworthy guy but I dont know how many of you are willing to take my word for that. We could always figure out the logistics of it before the season starts.

Im going to start the league on Yahoo and will come back to post the info once I create it.
Everyone interested can sign up but the money must be in before week 1.


-Starting Pick Em League
- $10 a person
- Looking for at least 10 people
- Thanks for reading

Group Name: Niketalk
Group ID #: 12093
PW: dirtymethod

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