Whats the weather like in Denver??

Sep 5, 2006
I might be moving to Denver after school for a job...and I was always under the impression that it was hella cold and snowed hella there...but then I read some website about Denver and it says it doesn't snow that much there...and it also said sumthin about 300 days of sunshine or sumthing like that....Could someone tell what the weather is like in denver during all 4 seasons??
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Its not reallly that cold in denver. It snows during the winter, but it usually melts fast. Denver is not in the mountains. It gets real hot during the summer, sometimes over 100. Spring and fall are nice . I live in the mountains about an hour west of denver. Here it snows a lot, it was even snowing the first week of June. I love the mountains because it doesnt get over 80 degreess all summer, and i hate sweatin.

I lived in denver before, and i love it. you should move there, there is lots of good music and art and sports and skating and snowboardin, and good chronic too

How do i get that Denver Nuggets sig like yours ^^
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