Whats Unique About Your City... #10,000th Post!

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What's good NikeTalk. This is number 10,000 for me.

Its been good here thus far. A lot of cool people. Hope to have many more good years with you all.

Any who lets get to the main attraction. I couldn't think of much to do then show my city off (Kanye Shrug). Post the pride of your city. Whats going on around you? The skyline, cultural stuff, teams, new developments, food, spots you hit up or whatever.

I'll start...
Great American BallPark/ Reds

New Great Amercian Tower with a Queens Tiara on the top. Will be finished later this year...

Paul Brown Stadium/Bengals

Skyline/Gold Star Chili

Metro/Tank Buses

Museum Center


Freedom Center

Riverfest (Labor Day weekend on the Banks of the Ohio River)

Kings Island

NT what are some landmarks and special things around your city?

Thanks for viewing.
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Post pics later, that freedom center building looks

what's special about The Bronx is that made you all

if it wasn't for The Bronx.....
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Cartoon LA Wall

Metro Transit Assassins

101 Hollywood Freeway

LA River

SM Pier

Watts Towers


Griffith Obervatory

Disney Concert Hall

Sunset Blvd.

Bonus: Tupac at the Laker parade 
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miami is appreciated but [suave smooth] _____ im from PALMMM BEACH[/suave smooth]

youtube search gangstas and thugs
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Every mode of transportation throughout the city  is pictured here:

Cool picture:

In this picture you can see the neighborhoods of Dorchester, Roxbury, South Boston, Mattapan, and more...

Its cool how you can get a horizontal view of part of the city.

There is a lot more to the LEFT of the picture that wasn't captured(Roslindale, West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain,).. and there is ocean to the right.
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Nice pics RKO, I think i'm the only person from here that doesn't eat chili though.
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Originally Posted by jdcurt2

Nice pics RKO, I think i'm the only person from here that doesn't eat chili though.

Also I forgot about Larosas
. Its a pizza place. Best Hot wings EVER!

Also Montgomery Inn, BBQ place on the banks on the river...

Nice pics RKO, I think i'm the only person from here that doesn't eat chili though.

Why not?
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The. U.S. Capitol

Overlooking Georgetown

White House

Howard University aka The REAL HU (Sorry Hampton "Institute" University)

The George Washington University

Overlooking Georgetown University

2nd Busiest Subway System in the U.S

Verizon Center Home for the Washington Wizards/Washington Capitals

Nationals Park Home of the Washington Nationals (Thanks Montreal LOL)

Fed Ex Field/Washington ********

Yeah I know all DC Teams are worse than Wacka Flocka trying to go Platinum
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no pics needed.....

UofM football (lions balance the tradition out)
Red Wings
Coney Islands (restaurants) on every other corner
Belle Isle
Largest Fireworks show in north america
Joe louis's fist
and the most efficient highway system in the united states....

and there is a bunch of horrible stuff too......
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Originally Posted by Frische Produkte

[color= rgb(255, 0, 0)][/color]

Is Gray's Papaya a juice bar/food spot?
What food is there besides hot dogs?
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Mill City Museum. That place at night = GOAT.

Downtown with one of the densest person/sq. mile ratios in the nation.

Biggest mall in the nation is a lightrail ride away.

Critically acclaimed theater.

Beginning of the mississippi.

Lakes on lakes in this mofo.

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