What's up with all these hotels in Las Vegas charging a daily "Resort Fee"?

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when did this go into effect? i just got back last week, but was only there 1 night, so the $12 fee was whatever. but im trying to book a room right now for my next trip and places like treasure island have a daily "resort fee" of $22
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Originally Posted by socluis90

hate it. that and the 12% tax rate inflates your final price so much

Yea I know. You search and think you scored a good rate, but then see 12% tax and a $20 daily "resort" fee
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Resort fees are fees that are charged above and beyond what your regular room fee is, and they're often charged for the gym, the spa, the pool, etc. Whether you use any of those facilities or not, you are charged for those. Sometimes the resort fee is as much as $15 a day. That is per day, each day that you're there, so they can really add up.

But yes, like Higher Ground said, place is going broke!
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I hear ya....I just booked a room for a weekend in Scottsdale. The "fees and taxes" ended up being over a third of the actual room price they advertised. Including a "$15 per day parking lot fee" regardless of if you have a car or not.

It's obviously a joke, another way for you to get bent over.

Personally I would feel better if they added all that in to the price upfront, it would make me feel better.
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Hawaii/Maui does this as well. It has nothing to do with just LV, or it going broke.
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