What's your favorite fast food place ?

In n out on a sunny day
Carls Jr. when drunk
Mcdonalds in the morning when i feel like @*#+ already
Burger king never
and Wendys every now and then.
Im from the East Coast, so we dont have a IN- N -OUT around here. What is so good about this place? I heard a lot about it.

"Waiting on your burger is much better then your burger waiting on you"

Stromboli's are good from Italian Delight and Sbarro's pizza is delicious

Does Chipotle count as fast food? I eat that alot.
In-N-Out is bomb but they don't have enough on the menu to keep me going constantly like JB.
And Sonic is incredible but I can hardly put them on here considering they don't have restaurants anywhere, yet I have to watch the damn commercials allthe time...
i have to say wendy's... only because i live in toronto.
but everytime i'm in cali, IN N OUT for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
that jawn is crack!!!!!
Chipotle and five guys are my favorites. As far as the more common chains go, wendys and popeyes are my favorites.

On a side note I think burger king is nasty
theres not one good thingon the menu
Taco Bell, Wendy's, and McDonald's tied.

When I have access, White Castle ftw.

For those who know, White Castle is IT.
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