What's your height/age and when did you stop growing?

Mar 20, 2008
I'm 18 and barely pushing 5'11.

Getting alot of sleep this summer and hopefully making 6" cause I think my time is almost numbered. :smh
Originally Posted by seventh letter

You're not growing anymore, give up hope

Dennis Rodman?

Anyways, I'm 6'0 and 17, but I've been hitting my head on things that I never have before in my regular routines, so I might have grown an inchsince my last visit to the doctor.
6 foot 4 18 years old. Been this height for about a year, I guess I'm done growing. Don't really want to grow anymore, but dont mind that much if Igrow another inch or so.
Damn gotta alotta tall dudes in here.

Gonna be 24 soon and i'm 5'8 stopped growing around 19-20.

I wish i was i lil taller like 6' but this is the height god gave me so i'm good with it.
Yeah as of now I'm 19 and 6' and some change
I hope I can grab another inch or two
If not I'm good at being 6
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