When Religion and School just dont mix vol. Maybe?

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So I am on another chat board and this dude starts a thread covering the following topic...

"My professor of psychology has 4 exams planned for this quarter and oneof them falls out on the Jewish religious holiday of Passover.

He is refusing to change it or allow me to take it at another timebecause his policy is to drop one exam grade and i am forced to usethis dropped exam because he didn't realize that the day his test isplanned for is an observed Jewish holiday.

I feel as if i'm at a disadvantage against the rest of the class andshould be allowed to take the exam at an earlier or later day.

Am i right or is the professor allowed to do that."

So what do you guys think?  And may I add that on the other board the level of antisemitism was through the roof, I hope its not like that on here....
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Originally Posted by ShaunHillFTW49

Meh. Then the other students will have excuses
what excuses?  If its a religious holiday they should observe it......its not like dude walked in and said its satan says worship your dog day (but if there is such a thing they should observe that too), its one of 4 high jewish holidays, its not that much to ask....at least I dont think so.....
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Originally Posted by milestailsprowe

Then have him take it up with the dean of the department

He needs to bring it up to someone else. If anything, the professor should let him take it a day early.
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It really comes down to this.  If he allows the kid to take the exam early OR late, the prof. has to make an entirely new exam for him.  He doesn't want to do that.
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