When Zombies Attack In Japan! vol. Saran Wrap

Joined Oct 29, 2007
sorry, i don't read kanji...

but uhh. thats cool i guess. that kid is murkin that zombie and they got'em with the saran wrap!!

hes a little punk for crying at the end... i cant believe i watched that whole thing
Joined Jun 17, 2008
Ahh to clear some confusion up...

- when they read the letter near the beginning, it says something like "Will Come Soon - Zombie"

- I can't read the kanji either but apparently the tabasco sauce, that spilled, was suppose to be some anti-zombie thing.

- Saran wrap, a zombie's weakness

- kid breaking down at the end
He's just a little kid afterall
Joined Feb 2, 2003
when the zombie steps in the water, he says "cooollld" lol
when the zombie falls, the little kid says the tabasco sauce is blood, they thought he was eating it.
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