Where are some good local places to eat in the Miami area?

Jan 22, 2005
I'll be in florida (mostly Miami) during the last week of May. I was wondering where some of the good local spots are? Where do you guys eat? Doesn't have to be nice restaurants, just good places to grab lunch etc. I"ll probably go out to a few decent places, so any help on that would be great too. Thanks!
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Cafe Tu Tu Tango in CocoWalk is AWESOME, they have a great happy hour especially on Fridays. There's no full dinners there its all like horsd'eourves (sp?) and appetizers and stuff. Highly recommended.

And if you dont like that there a Cheesecake Factory and a Hooters there as well.
Cafe Versailles...on SW 8 Street by SW 37th Ave...you can try the Big Cheese (local spot--pizza joint...always packed on the weekend, but you'll only wait 20 minutes tops) on SW 67th Ave right by US1...The Knife in Coconut Grove...check out some Coral Gables joints too (if you wanna hit up a pricey joint)...for some good pizza go to Casolas SW 17th Ave and US 1 (huge slices no need to order more than 2...its cash only also)...then you have the chain restaurants all over the Miami Area and of course South Beach, but you can have better food at lower prices on the other side of the bridge...hope that helps somewhat...peace
best cuban place to eat at ... if you want like stand up food, flager and 57av. its a corner place. but to sit down and eat good cuban food i would suggest like versailles mentioned in a post above. there is also la carretta. try to stick to the one across the street from versailles, the one on bird road and 87av is crap and bad service.

if you want to hit up night spots to have drinks and have a good time (non clubs). head over to the grove (coconut grove), the coco walk area. a good night is thursday night since its college night and at fat tuesday you can't go wrong with 1 dollar domestics and 2 dollar imports. then you could hit up mr moe's or senor frogs which is also in walking distance from fat tuesday. try moose juice from moe's. with two moose juice you'll be good for the night. senor frogs is also a nice spot. there is also this somewhat of a new spot, same building where fat tuesday is at, in the second floor also called "Coyote Ugly", supposely just like the movie.

clubs if you want to try out. there is bricks in the downtown/brickell area. in the downtown area we have nocturnal, space, and life. in the grove there is oxygen, flavour, and vision (might be shut down by the time you come over to miami). at the beach there are plenty of clubs, but do expect to pay more and have to be special to come in. haha
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