where can i catch UFC 77

i think they might show it at a bar on irving and 19th ave at a sports bar there. i know they used to show ufc's there. im ordering it for sure tonight! on a side note, franklin shouldnt even be given the chance to fight silva again. i think he threw the first fight on purpose for money. how the hell does he not know how to defend against the muay thai clinch??? thats like one of the fist things u learn in mma fighting, especially the camp where he comes from. and i cant wait until brandon vera kicks tim silivia's @#%$. he gonna be the next heayweight champ.
rampage couldnt defend well against the thai clinch against rua in pride... now rampage is a defending champion.
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As far as the Thai Clinch goes, Rich Franklin had zero defense against Silva. That's probably because going into the fight Franklins gameplan was to clinch with Silva, and getting hit with all those knees was the last thing on his mind. In the end he understimated Silvas game in my opinion.

I feel that Vera is too small to contend with the heavyweights. He may take out Silvia tonight. He should step down to 205, but with all the talent in the LHW division, that's probably not the best idea.


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i for got the name of the bar but its 3 or 4 doors down from starbucks
if vera beats silvia then he proves he dosent have to drop to lightheavyweight. silvia is one of the biggest heavyweights out there in the ufc beside a few. thats why its so big for him. and defending against the clinch is, like i said, the first thing u learn. franklin is a Miletich fighter, there is no way he should have lost like that. anyway cant wait to watch it, 5 more minutes to start time.
its called underdogs, i went there last time, thye have a 10 dollar cover, its not cool
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