Where can I donate old clothing?

Feb 14, 2004
I want to get rid of alot of my old clothes and I was wondering where I can donate some clothes and shoes that will give me a little cash in return?
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goodwill....salvation army.........you get tax write offs not $$$$ immediately in return tho

if you want $$$ returned on the spot, you gotta sell to 2nd hand stores. they won't just take anything+everything tho.
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crossroads in melrose and I think there's one in santa monica that's all I know of
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does the buffalo exchange accept anything in good condition because i have a variety of clothes such as dress sweaters, dress pants, dress shirts, polos, jeans, tees, and some sneakers....and how much do they usually payout?

and also what are TAX WRITE OFFS? what can i use it for?
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buffalo exchane gives you a percentage of whatever they price your item(s) at.

I'm pretty sure it's 35% cash, or 50% store credit. It works good, but to get a good amount of loot you've got to bring in a ton of stuff....and in my experiences, if you think you've got something they'll definitely take, they won't even take it, haha.

Really if you've got some name brand stuff worth some money i'd just cut off the middle man and sell it on ebay...probably get a lot more for it if you're willing to go through the trouble.
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please correct me if im wrong. I have my accountant do my taxes hahahaha

plainly put, a "tax write off" is a way to decrease the amount of taxes you pay each year. For the sake of simplicity lets assume there is a flat tax rate of 10%. Lets also assume you make $100,000 a year. Therefore you would have to pay tax that year of $10,000 (10% of $100,000). Now lets say that you donate some clothes, goods, etc... with a value of $20,000 and you can take that as a "tax write off". How this works now, instead of paying taxes on $100,000 , you are now paying taxes on $80,000 ($100,000 - $20,000). Therefore your tax amount for the year will now be $8,000 (10% of $80,000).

a word of caution, taxes are not this simple in the real world. There are some restrictions when it comes to tax write offs. This example was purely made to show the basic concept of it. Hope it helps.
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^in a simple way of stating, thats right

basically, a write off reduces the amount of your taxable income.
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