Where Can I find A.P.C denim in Seattle?


formerly sinista8
Aug 14, 2001
Just wondering where I can find A.P.C denim in Seattle. Don't want to buy them online w/o trying them first. Thanks in Advance.
A little late.

Goods had them in like last season. They even went on sale. Now it's all gone, don't know if they will ever get another stock. That's something you have to ask them.

Anyways, with APC, it stretches like crazy. So I would say that you buy 2 sizes down from your true size, 3 if don't mind it being tight. It will STRETCH out like CRAZY. Mine have prob. stretched out like 2 inches and I have to have a belt on them to keep them from going past my @#%$. I didn't size down enough.
aka sickplicity/justinnikes
You could try Riveted. If they don't have it, enough pressure could lead them to start carrying it.
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