where can I find Microsoft Word?

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I need to get a hold of a copy of Microsoft office (word, excel, powerpoint, etc).  My kid needs it for her laptop for homework.  I have been looking around and it is pricey.  Where can I get a cheaper price or a copy of the microsoft office?  help is greatly appreciated.
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just cop at Bestbuy or something

College campuses usually have student discounts too
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use openoffice i think its www.openoffice.org its kinda a simpler version of micro office so to speak but it should get the job done for your friend at least until you have some cash to get micro word


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Legally the best deal is Microsoft's Ultimate Steal, Here

You can also find Microsoft Office Home and Student for under $100 legally. The best thing about it is that you can install it on 3 PC's, and despite the name, you don't have to be a student to buy it. You can download it straight from Microsoft, but it costs more that way.

Or, you can always download a trial of Office 2007 if you need it right now, and then buy it later. I wouldn't recommend the beta of Office 2010 for someone who isn't familiar with Office, there are still some bugs in the Beta that I've encountered.

OpenOffice is also a good alternative, and it's free.
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