where can i get a good digi cam for cheap


once you get over...4 or 5(or some other figure, maybe 5 or 6; i'm pretty sure it's as low as 2-4), megapixel count doesn't matter. I mean, I've seen those door crasher 7 megapixel joints for dead cheap, but the quality of the pictures are most definitely crap.

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depends on the quality of the lens bro, i work at a electronics store, and canon sonys and nikons have the best lens apparently certain canon lens that are 3 megapixels can compare to 4 or 5 of sonys and other companys soo u really get what u pay for
Sony Cybershot 7 megapixels = $180 before taxes @ Best Buy.
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^^^ damn thats pretty good for a 7 MP camera, try the spadina/college area at the computer stores, they always have digi cams too
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