Where can I get a real keffiyeh in SF? (NO URBAN OUTFITTER)


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title says it all. Specially the white/black keffiyeh. Thanks.
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what's that?
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i think u mean kufi. you can go online to islamic books sites that sell them there. in sf i would try some african boutique shops like the one on ocean and mirmar or islamic bookstores in sf.
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it's not a kufi.. it's just different name for a shmagh.. only spot i know, that's not outfitters, is the army surplus on haight. no blk/wht anymore tho.. everyone had to take it off the shelves.. religious reason. they just got a new shipment.. army green/blk.. tan/brown.. and blk/charcoal.. H and M has em too.. but those are not as official.
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nah, no stores.. the only place i know that has em is online.. ebay has a few from actual middle east stores and what not. i just got a white/blk one from em. the thing is that these don't have the tassles on the side.
B2S1 is definitely in the building.
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