Where can I get fireworks near U-district and Wallingford?

Oct 5, 2006
trying to purchase some roman candles and other legal fireworks/crackers. i had tons of spots in vancity, but now that im in seattle i don't know any. any of u guys buy a lot of fireworks for the 4th?
fireworks in seattle is illegal, been so for years.

your best bet is drive out to kent for roman candles/fountains, legal stuff. firecrackers and rockets can only be bought at the indian reservations.

im going to muckleshoot tomorrow to get my stuff. packs of sparklers for bombs, mortars, rockets, and thousands of crackers.
want to get me some stuff like 5 roman candles and a couple crackers?

ill gladly pay back my mans

and illegal, are you so sure?? i just read a credible article that states seattle is now selling legal fireworks.

if you don't have the time to go to the reservation you can hit up pretty much any exit past shoreline and go to the ones set up in parking lots. rape prices but it's available.
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In some cities, the only legal option is to attend a public show: 54 cities in the state, including Seattle, Tacoma, Everett and Bellevue, have banned fireworks altogether. The punishment for setting fireworks could be as high as $5,000 and up to a year in jail, said Renee Witt of the Seattle Police Department.
just got back from the indian reservation. didnt pick up much this year.

You need to go to unincorporated places or to Boom City. Driving through Eastern Washington this weekend was great because they sell fireworks everywhere, even in the small towns.
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