Where can my female friend get sizes?

Joined May 4, 2009
I was at my local/ fav footlocker for the F&F and I copped all of what I wanted..but on the other hand my ex-girl is just gettin into sneaks or should I say I am puttin her on to all the heat thats out there. So with her being as picky as most chicks are she doesn't like just anything and I don't blame her because most of the kicks for the girls look like this hideous-ness 
. So she resorts to kicks in kids and mens sizes. She is 6.5 mens 8.5 womens so yeah share some wealth if you have it.
Joined Apr 20, 2005
If you can find someone with a swoosh account willing to order stuff for her she's good. Most kicks you can't get at stores or online in the smaller sizes will be on swoosh if you get there early enough. My wife got a pair of FP1s in a size 6.5 and she was trying to get coppers but our connect basically lost his connect so it didn't happen.
Joined Aug 26, 2007
Why not point her towards the outlets. They have a lot of styles, full size runs and the styles usually change every couple of months so most of the time there will be different things for her to try out.
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