Where do NT Philippine members PLAY?

I usually play at Xavier every Monday and Thursday with ntyce and Kobe Beef.... :smokin
Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays at Moro Lorenzo.


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i play every weekend in our town wearing tsinelas cause we are playing in an outdoor court
Tuesday at RFM gym, Wednesday at Kapitolyo, Thursday at Park 9 Katipunan
I don't have a weekend practice....
might be OT but...
CarlofromdaPI are you an xavierian? if so what year did you graduate?
Carlo.... u play EVERY monday AND thurs at xs? Dang, you must run so fast i hardly see you!?! :rofl:
I play evey tuesday 6-8pm at Manila Downtown YMCA Gym

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everytime i go to the philippines, which is in every 3-4 years i play at conception in malabon. cant believe the talent in those ghettos
i hate forces
damn, i gotta get in a game soon, it's been like two months since i played..

i'm in trouble with my AND1 guy kasi binigyan niya ako ng weartest samples, eh, hindi ko pa nagagamit, my report is overdue..

so, let me know when you guys are playing, k?

I play evey tuesday 6-8pm at Manila Downtown YMCA Gym

is that the one on gandara? how's the level of comp?
Yes in Gandara ..Level of Comp.RUN N GUN TYPE
everybody wants to be a star

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^ You mad? Maybe you just miss me and my all gun, no run game.


sapatos yan, hindi trophy
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damn, my membership (i think it was gym-only though) expired like 4 years ago.. hahaha.. how much is it to bring a guest?

and i'm down with run and gun, it used to suck when i was younger and had a strictly big-man's game, but after some time in new york, forget outletting to the cherry pickers, i just rebound and take it up the court like magic or scottie.

^ well...we haven't played in a while. We used to play quite often (bigballer23, feather played once, etc.) but we haven't since ben left =P

I play in my village and in school...usually =)
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