Where else can I find cheap College Textbooks?

Joined Nov 29, 2006
I usually go to half.com and the deals are straight there. For two of the books I need for summer the prices on half are about the same as my bookstore atUGA. Is there other good sites to find cheap textbooks?
Joined Sep 18, 2008
Might not be a website but usually your campus will have a sale put on by the students at the start of the year. And if you look around there is usually aper-term marketplace on campus where you can list your books for sale or find ones to buy.
Joined Jan 24, 2003
facebook sometime has stuff. Also I got some real good deals on textbooks.com last semester... what books you looking for? I got a few that they never buyback
Joined Jul 19, 2004
chegg.com...i would have to check that out. i use amazon a lot for mainly new textbooks some used. abebooks.com is a really good site for used books. check itout
Joined Jul 19, 2004
oh, and check your local craigslist. i've actually sold an old edition textbook and bought a manual for a good price.
Joined May 31, 2006
Another vote for chegg.com I was really pleased with how easy ordering and returning through their site was.
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