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any idea how much it will cost? and where it is?

anything to expect besides adrenaline?


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I went skydiving in Lodi. My sister and her friends went skydiving in Monterey.

Her videos were awesome because you could see the beaches as the backdrop to the dive.

Either way, it was awesome. But I'm sure I'll never do it again.

I heard there was a spot in Davis, but I'm not sure.
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Try that indoor skydiving place in the East Bay. It sounds like fun lol and will probably be a lil cheaper.
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i just went in monterey, it was $250 with a video. there is a small student discount and if you pay in cash it's a little cheaper too. 1-888-BAY-JUMP. expect your crotch area to feel a unique pain when that chute opens, other than that it was dope.
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this place is in Lodi, just south of Sac.

it cost $100 to jump. and you can add more money for vids and pics.

i paid an extra $75 bucks and got a DVD and CD of pics.

it was well worth it.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]expect your crotch area to feel a unique pain when that chute opens, other than that it was dope.[hr][/hr]

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! This happened to me the 2nd time. I don't really know how to describe the pain. It's like cramps and hemroids at the same time while someone is puling your toe hairs. Except that it's 5x worse.

Damn, they're charging $250 at the spot in Monterey now??? I paid $175 back in '99 with a video. Oddly enough, some states require you to partake in a 2 hour class (for 1st timers) before they let you jump. My brother in law did it last year in North Dakota and he had to do the 2 hr class.

On a side note, I've found much better deals in Vegas. I went skydiving there last which was June of last year and only paid $139 with video and pics.
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