Where to live in P.G. County?

Joined Jun 21, 2005
My moms is looking at houses in the Lake Arbor/Mitchellville area and also down in Fort Washington off of Ft. Washington Road. She's gonna be living byherself most of the time now that I'm in college. For those of ya'll who live in/near those areas do you think it would be safe for her to live there,how often are people robbed, houses broken in, etc? Thanks
Joined Apr 4, 2000
You can always hit up public information on the crime stuff. thats free info.

PG is pretty nice. Lots of food entertainment and its only minutes from dc and annapolis...literally..
Joined Mar 13, 2004
I just got a notice in the mail that condos are for sale (200-300k) at Nat'l Harbor...could be a nice investment if the place turns out to be a success inthe near future...
Joined Mar 30, 2005
Been in Mitchellville/Bowie for about a year now; great neighborhoods. I am currently in my starter home and already plan to stay in the area when I upgrade ina couple of years.
Joined Aug 7, 2002
beltsville/college park ftw!

and there's a rack of youngins out lake arbor.
largo tryin to step they hood game up though unfortunately
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Mitchelville is far better environment than Fort Wash. as far as saftey. and hey they got a dtlr too
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Largo is so old... Tell her go on 301 to the New Upper Marlboro.. Fort Washington will be jumping in the next year cause they just built the Harbor..Or byBowie State in the Fairwood Shopping Center they have APTS, Condos, Single Family, and Mini Mansions..
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^^^^agreed Upper Marlboro is a nice town real quiet, cops live on every street corner literally. I used to live there for four years until we relocated toMorgans Boulevard....Mitchellville is nice, too


Joined Dec 28, 2002
Sir... no place is Crime Free cept Heaven...

I grew up in Ft. Wat and my parents still live there... Indian Queen to be exact and I have never heard of anyone in my hood ever being robbed, probablybecause by the time you got all the way OUT of the neighborhood someone would get you.

Its right on the back door of the inner harbor. Some new cribs on Oxon Hill Road and Ft. Foote Road where they are still setting up to build new spots.

I say its always best to go and see in person to get a better feel. If she's worried about crime find a gated community, which most likely is up Iansway...

Good Luck
Joined Nov 18, 2002
Riverdale/University Park closer to the college park area, Laurel is ok, Mitchellville is nice too.
Joined Nov 12, 2007
My Aunts lived out in Mitchellville for about 10 yrs now, and my mother just moved to the Woodmore neighborhood out there..Always a nice place to visit. Neverhear about it, so i suppose the crime rate is low.
Joined Oct 31, 2008
Laurel is nice, They are building homes left and right due to BRAC going down at Ft. Meade and Andrews AFB. PLus with the new consturction of Laurel Mall soon,its goin to be nice in a couple years
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